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Critique Options

Have your writing critiqued by industry experts who will give you advice to help you to improve your writing and also give you their insights on publishing.


Choose from the following list of publishing experts: editor, literary agent, and two best-selling authors.

Each critiquer will have time slots throughout the day of the Festival to meet with you one-on-one for 15 minutes to discuss your manuscript with you. 

The fee for critiques is $65 and covers your critiquer's time commitment to read your work, suggestions/edits , as well as for their time  meeting with you on the day of the Festival. 

 To sign up for a critique:

  1. Select a critiquer that matches your genre or interest from the list below. 

  2. Register for your time slot.

  3. Pay via Paypal dropdown menu.

  4. Send the first 10 double-spaced pages of your manuscript  to event coordinator Sue Stein ( by March 10, 2018.

Choose from these experts:    

  • Laura Zats, Red Sofa Literary and Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Literary Agent  and Editor    Young adult, science fiction/fantasy, romance.

Laura Zats is a literary agent with Red Sofa Literary and the editorial director of Wise Ink Creative Publishing. She is also one-half of the weekly publishing podcast, Print Run. Laura is the president of the Minnesota Book Publishers’ Roundtable and teaches classes on writing and publishing. 

    Laura will assess the beginning of your manuscript and highlight what in your opening pages will cause an agent or editor to say no. She can also answer general market and audience questions for your genre.   www,

  • Lois Greiman (USA Today best-selling romance author)

Mystery, Romance    

Lois Greiman sold her first novel in 1992 and has published more than forty titles since then with more than two million award-winning books printed worldwide including romantic comedy, historical romance, children’s stories, and her fun-loving Christina McMullen mysteries. 

    Lois will help you figure out the mystery of what makes a good book, what publishers are seeking in mystery or romance—and how you can improve your manuscript.  Come prepared with questions and learn from her hard-earned expertise in both writing and getting her books published.

  • Michele Hauf (best-selling romance author)

Romance, Action-Adventure, Fantasy   

 Award-winning author Michele Hauf has published over 80 novels in historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance over the last twenty years, as well as writing action/adventure as Alex Archer and erotica as Michele Renae. She likes writing in a variety of genres and instead of ‘writing what she knows’ prefers to write ‘what she would love to know and do’ (and yes, that includes being a jewel thief and/or a brain surgeon)

     Michele will help you understand what makes for a good book, and what publishers are seeking.  What strengths does she see in your manuscript---and what weaknesses?

  • Connie Anderson

Editor   Fiction and non-fiction, all genres

Connie Anderson will edit your manuscript pages, and then meet with you for at the workshop to discuss her thoughts. You will receive her notes on your returned manuscript. Connie will focus on how to improve your overall writing strengths as well as address any weaknesses, for example, related to grammar, punctuation, word usage or overuse, flow, etc.

Choose your time slot and pay below



10:15                Lois Greiman

10:30                Connie Anderson

10:45                Michele Hauf

11:15                Lois Greiman

11:30                Lois Greiman

11:45                Michele Hauf


1:45                   Connie Anderson

2:00                   Laura Zats

2:15                   Michele Hauf

2:30                   Connie Anderson

3:00                   Lois Greiman

3:15                   Laura Zats

3:30                   Connie Anderson

4:00                   Michele Hauf

4:15                   Laura Zats

4:30                   Laura Zats

4:00pm – 4:30pm

2:00pm – 3:45pm

10:15am – 1:45pm

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