Fri. March 22, 2019


Sat. March 23, 2019

Choose from workshops in

four different publishing tracks: 

Getting Started, The Business of Publishing,

Marketing and PR, and The Craft of Writing. 

Each workshop is $15.


Keynote dinner on Friday night—info is below.

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Keynote Presentation:

David Housewright

Friday, March 22, 2019 

Dinner  and Keynote  6p.m.  -- SOLD OUT

Keynote only:  7:00p.m.  $15

(limited number available)

David Housewright 

is a winner of the prestigious Mystery Writers of America Edgar award as well as three Minnesota Book Awards

for his Rushmore McKenzie and Holland Taylor private eye novels.

David will sign and sell his books at the Keynote and also on Saturday at the Book Fair.

Watch the Fox9 Buzz interview with Keynote
David Housewright.

Saturday Workshops —

Getting Started
When / Where:

Time: 9a – 10a  and 10:30a – 11:30a

Room:   200

When / Where:

Time: 9a – 10a

Room:  202

Flash Fiction– Part 1 and 2  (2 hour workshop)

Suzanne Nielsen

What is Flash Fiction?   Flash Fiction Samples

Writing Exercise with Image

The Exercise: Write a 500 word story with the following conditions: exactly 26 sentences; each sentence begins with a word that starts with one of the letters of the alphabet—in order. 


The Objective: This exercise becomes an exploration of our sense of story, narrative rise and fall, and process-process most prominently.  The limitations for this are present; however the fact that you are guided by knowing how the next sentence begins makes this a puzzle to solve.  Remember to be bold.  Ultimately we ask ourselves one question after the drafting and that is does it work?


Suzanne Nielsen teaches Creative Writing at Metropolitan State University.  She writes fiction, flash fiction and poetry.  She has been published in a variety of literary journals, both nationally and internationally, and has a published collection of flash fiction titled The Moon Behind the 8-Ball along with two published works of poetry.  She relishes the idea of writers finding their voice.  

Speak Like A Pro and Watch Your Book Sales Grow  

Maria Lynn Johnson

As an inspired writer, you can create works of art that transform the reader. Once the book is written, however, the magic can quickly dissolve into disappointment as you struggle to gain exposure for your book. In this session, you will learn the what, why, and how of speaking about your book...your sales presence  – the most important skill needed to market and grow a practice, portfolio or book sales. Learn how to engage an audience of 1 or 100 with confidence and credibility, and move them to inspired action.

Maria Lynn Johnson is a successful speaker, certified coach, and bestselling author. For over 20 years, she held roles in sales training, leadership development, and performance consulting in Fortune 500 corporations. Maria left the corporate world in 2012 to launch her coaching and training company, Speaking Mastery. Her passion is to help business professionals become wildly successful by speaking with confidence, clarity, and charisma. In 2017, Maria published her book, The World's Greatest Speakers: Insider Secrets on How to Engage and Move Your Audience to Action. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and an adjunct university instructor, and holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Development. 

When / Where:

Time: 12:30p – 1:30p

Room:  100

Writing Jam

Roxane Sadovsky


Fire up those pens for this energizing, engaging workshop with on-spot writing, sharing, and prompts-to-go that will get you writing, rejuvenate your process. creativity, and writing goals. 

Roxanne Sadovsky, MA, MFA is a Twin Cities freelance writer, teacher and psychotherapist. She holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Antioch University Seattle (1998) and creative nonfiction from The University of Minnesota (2004) and currently teaches at the Loft Literary Center. She facilitates retreats, workshops, classes,  groups and individuals in intuitive writing and intuitive writing therapy as well as creative nonfiction (memoir, personal essay, life stories) in her private practice.  She currently writes for Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine and published in Twin Cities Jewish Life,, Minnesota Monthly, Twin Cities Wellness, Utne, The Seattle Times and Seattle Magazine. 

The Business of Publishing 
When / Where:

Time: 2p – 3p

Room: 200

I Have an Idea for a Book— Now What?

Ann Aubitz

YOU have an amazing idea for a book, now what should you do?  We will focus on the steps it takes to truly self-publish a book in today's market.  We will also talk about the most frequently asked questions a printer/publisher gets ask daily from self-publishing authors and what not to do.  If you have ever dreamed of seeing your book in print this is the class for you!

Ann Aubitz is the owner and Sales Representative for FuzionPrint in Burnsville. She has been in the printing industry for over 25 years and draws on her experience daily to help her clients. She loves to work with self-publishing authors through all the steps of printing a book.  Ann and her daughter Katlyn co-wrote five books, Katlyn Conquers the World, The Many Faces of Down Syndrome, I am Princess Katlyn, My Friends the Penguins—Having Fun Together and My Friends the Penguins—Get a Pet

When / Where:

Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Room: 100

Indie Publishing and Local Authors: Strengthening our Regional Literary Culture

Tom Driscoll

The regional literary culture of Minnesota south of the Twin Cities is fragmented and uneven. Cities with poet laureate programs offer reading series and open mics; there are many local writers’ groups; but the region as a whole, outside academic institutions, lacks writer and book project development workshops. Indie publishers with a regional focus—like Shipwreckt Books—offer such workshops. And publishing, by its nature, proliferates literary culture not only through the availability of physical books by local authors, but through literary events: book launches, readings and workshops.

Tom Driscoll is the managing editor and CEO of Shipwreckt Books Publishing Company & Lost Lake Folk Opera magazine. 

Marketing and PR
When / Where:

Time:  9a – 10a

Room: 100

How To Create An Amazing & Authentic Author Platform Online (Without Having To Spam A Single Person)

Josie Robinson

You're updating your blog every week. You're sharing on every social media channel anyone might possibly be using.  You've even shelled out for a website that's as amazing as the book you're trying to sell.But they're still not finding you.  


Fortunately, there's one marketing trick you might not even know you have up your sleeve: the power of targeted advertising. As an author, you're in the perfect spot to build a brand based on this principle (and use it to make a living doing what you love best).   


In this value-packed presentation you'll learn how to build a book marketing system online that doesn't require you to be salesy or spammy, and draws your ideal readers to your book like a magnet.

Josie Robinson is a best selling author who is passionate about helping other authors get off the hamster wheel of sales and marketing and teach them systems that give them more freedom to do what they were put on this Earth to do, which is: Create inspiring content that changes the world. Josie created her website to teach writers how to grow their audience + impact in a more efficient and effective way.

When / Where:

Time:  10:30 – 11:30a

Room:  202

Read My Lips: How to Write a Killer Book Using Interview

MariaLynn Johnson


Does writing a book feel like a daunting task? Try a unique approach by conducting ecorded interviews. Using interviews is an exciting way to create spontaneous, rich material. Learn to manage the planning and execution of recorded interviews and repurpose them into a book that people won’t want to put down. Participants will:

  • Learn a proven 7-step process to writing an interview-based book

  • Avoid common mistakes that can derail you 

  • Engage the interviewees, navigating any challenges that arise


Maria Lynn Johnson is a successful speaker, certified coach, and bestselling author. . In 2017, Maria published her book, The World's Greatest Speakers: Insider Secrets on How to Engage and Move Your Audience to Action. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and an adjunct university instructor, and holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Development. 

When / Where:

Time:  12:30p – 1:30p

Room:  200

Navigating Book Promotions

Cole Williams

Comparing a DIY promotional campaign versus having a hired publicist.  Learn how to navigate the world of publicity for book writing, make choices that will help launch your book and hone in on its special message.

Cole W. Williams is an arrow-slinging idealist, advocate for critical thinking and curiosity, an all or nothing type of girl, a gold miner for truth. Passionately supporting emerging artists, randomly writing her own words, she stands for water, and for the river, she plants seeds of inspiration wherever she goes as the muse of being exactly who you are. 

She has published five books, winning two Nautilus Awards along with various other accolades. She is a speaker, poet and ardent member of the local writing community. 

When / Where:

Time:  12:30p – 1:30p

Room: 202

Using Social Media and Self-Service Advertising to Market Your eBook

Kevin Kuhn

What's more complex than all the publishing options today? The myriad of companies, sites, and tools available to market your novel. Learn which ones are cost effective (or free!) and appropriate for Indie novels. Learn to watch out for scams and shady sites. Discuss techniques to find the right marketing approach for your genre and your novel.

This speculative / sci-fi author has scientifically approached a variety of ebook options and has terrific methods and tremendous results to reveal. He’ll debrief you on his travels through GoodReads, BookBub, Amazon Reviews, self-advertisements, and paid editorial reviews so that you can spend your marketing time and money on what counts.

Kevin Kuhn is an Undergraduate MIS instructor at Carlson School of Management. His is also the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, “Do You Realize?”.  His novel has won several Literary Awards and was the gold medal winner of the 2018 eLit Book Awards for Science Fiction. His eMarketing approach has resulted in hundreds of reviews and bestseller status on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. Mr. Kuhn is an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

When / Where:

Time:  2p – 3p

Room: 202

How to Get a Small Press/Self Published Book into the Hands of Readers

Rachel Anderson

Ready to take the mystery out of how books end up on the shelves at the Barnes & Noble and local bookstores? This class will provide information on how the Barnes & Noble Small Press Dept. works, how to contact distributors, and other ways to sell books (independent book stores, libraries, festivals, schools, universities, etc.). The workshop will also touch on the roles both social media and traditional media play in getting the word out about events, and how to reach decision makers at TV and radio stations, newspapers and magazines. For beginners, mid-level and advanced writers.

Rachel M. Anderson has more than 25 years of communications experience across a wide range of disciplines. She currently works as a marketing & PR consultant/publicist for RMA Publicity, a company she founded in 2009 to help small presses and self-published authors promote their books to local, national and international audiences. To date, she has secured more than 2,500 media placements for clients.


The Craft of Writing
When / Where:

Time:  10:30a – 11:30a

Room: 100

Making a Scene

Kate Vogl

Scenes are the building blocks of every story written, whether fiction or nonfiction. Discover the difference between a scene and a chapter, and find out what you need for an effective cliffhanger. Find out how to cull out weak spots as you learn a scene’s essential components: a story occasion, a line of action, and the character response––and how to set your stakes and raise them. Learn tips needed to write the kind of scenes that make readers want to keep turning pages. 

Kate St. Vincent Vogl is the author of Lost & Found: A Memoir of Mothers, which was featured on national ABC news. The Akron Beacon Journal named her book among the best of the year. She received a 2017 Artist’s Initiative Grant for fiction from the Minnesota State Arts Board and was honored with a residency at the Anderson Center. Vogl graduated from Cornell University cum laude and from the University of Michigan Law School. 

When / Where:

Time:  3:30p  – 4:30p

Room: 200

Revisioning Story

Kate Vogl

Do you have a draft of a novel or memoir underway but don’t know the next step? Not sure how to approach revision? Find out what you need for the story’s opening, narrative arc, and character connections––as essential in memoir as it is in fiction. Learn dialogue tips to bring your characters to life. Discover what’s essential to include at the end of your story. Get practical guidelines needed for the re-vision of your narrative.  

Kate St. Vincent Vogl is the author of Lost & Found: A Memoir of Mothers, which was featured on national ABC news. The Akron Beacon Journal named her book among the best of the year. She received a 2017 Artist’s Initiative Grant for fiction from the Minnesota State Arts Board and was honored with a residency at the Anderson Center. Vogl graduated from Cornell University cum laude and from the University of Michigan Law School. 

When / Where:

Time:  2p-3p

Room: 100

Self Editing Tips to Make You a Better Writer

Connie Anderson

“Self-Editing” involves the things you can do to fix your writing before you send it to a professional editor. This includes what to watch for, such as word usage, punctuation, grammar, content flow, and completeness. You’ll learn how to catch your own errors—especially overuse of certain words, by using the search/find/fix tool on Word. Also learn effective use of beta readers. Editing from the reader’s point of view ensures that the book’s message is clear, concise and accurate. Your time spent self-editing saves you money because an editor’s time is money.

Connie Anderson has been editing book manuscripts for many years—in a wide variety of genres. Her author clients appreciate the insights and honesty she brings to her editing, and agree that the right editor can help make your book the best possible…so find one you can trust. She also makes sure authors write to their intended market, and that they know and avoid costly mistakes in the publishing process. Connie offers FREE sample edit of up to 8 manuscript pages. She is also the author of three books.

When / Where:

Time:  3:30 – 4:30p

Room: 202

Writing the Garden

Mary Schier

Gardens have long inspired writers of fiction, memoir and nonfiction. Gardens embody our past, our connection to nature and wild things, and our desire to tame them. This workshop will cover the language of gardens—plants, design, wildlife, memory—and how that language can be incorporated in different writing forms. We’ll discuss ways to observe in the garden, some of the quirks of writing about gardens (botanical Latin, anyone?) and how to translate garden visits into prose. Markets for garden writing will be discussed and a handout of writing prompts, reading recommendations and other useful information will be included. 

Mary is the author of The Northern Gardener: From Apples to Zinnias, 150 Years of Garden Wisdom (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2017); editor, Northern Gardener magazine; blogger, and was an instructor and tutor at Carleton College and St. Thomas

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