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Loft Literary Classes


We're excited to announce our partnership with the Loft Literary Center to offer Loft classes in Rosemount.

  • Ongoing adult classes


I Am a Poet: An Introduction to the Craft of Poetry


Lisa Higgs Kohler

Thursdays , September 19 – October 24, 2019  

6pm –8pm    Steeple Center

If you love reading poetry, but have never tried to write a poem; if you have written a poem, but have never shared it with others; if you have shared a poem with someone close to you, but never studied the craft of poetry; if you have studied poetic craft, but want to deepen your knowledge about writing and revising poems, consider working in community with other poets as we explore poetry in its many guises. 

In this class, we'll spend time reading contemporary and classic poems from writers like Robert Frost, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Wislawa Szmborska, Seamus Heaney, Ada Limon, Matt Rasmussen, Layli Long Soldier, Benjamin Alire Sáenz and more. Using their work as examples, we'll discuss some basic characteristics of contemporary poetry and engage in writing exercises that encourage using sensory detail as the heart of a poem. 

Our reading of poems by these aforementioned poets will serve as a starting point for our writing as we learn aspects of craft. Finally, we'll consider a variety of ways that we might revise our draft poems outside of the class. Sessions will include a brief bit of time for sharing writing with others for feedback and support.

A $3 copy fee will be required for this class.


Genre:    Poetry  – Adult

Level :    Beginning

Location:  Steeple Center— 14375 S. Robert Trail, Rosemount, MN


Regular  $210

Member  $189

Low Income $147


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