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Meet the Author

The Rosemount Area Arts Council sponsors this on-going program to allow people to meet and interact with notable local authors.

All events begin at 6:30pm.

Robert Trail Library

14395 S. Robert Trail  Rosemount, MN

Spring 2024

Dennis Vinar

"How Did You Find Me?"

May 16


How Did You Find Me...After All These Years?  is an engaging story about young love and how life can change in a heartbeat. 


In the autumn of 2014, Dennis was at a party that became a turning point. The question "If your physician gave you 60 days to live, who would be one person with whom you would like to talk or have dinner?" was asked to everyone in attendance at the party.


Dennis' answer was a surprise, even to himself. Among the party-goers, there were many people who named movie stars and famous political figures. He thought about his answer the next day and made a decision.


What happened when he put his answer into the search bar of a social media site  forever changed his life. 

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