Meet the Author

The Rosemount Area Arts Council sponsors this on-going program to allow people to meet and interact with notable local authors.

All events begin at 6:00pm.

Robert Trail Library

14395 S. Robert Trail • Rosemount, MN

Winter 2022 Series


M. R. Tain

This Isn't Normal

February 20

Karla Hunsaker lives a normal life with her mother and little brother, until the fall of her junior year of high school when the last of her great-grandparents passes away. She wakes up the morning after the family meeting in their guest room only to find them both alive, along with their daughter, Cheryl, the grandmother Karla never knew. Karla assumes she is dreaming. Cheryl is Karlas age, and they share a strong family resemblance. But she never met her grandmother before this strange event, and her grandfather is an offish, grumpy old man. Author M. R. Tain opens a window in time in This isnt Normal, giving a millennial teen a look at her 1965 counterpart, as well as some fun and games and a legacy that fate had denied her.


Jason Lee Willis

The Alchemist’s Map

February 17

Empires rise and fall, but the stars remain the same. Renowned French astronomer and expert on Halley's Comet Joseph Nicollet is shown a bizarre map by a Scottish noblewoman who believes it tells the location of the Philosopher's Stone. When the noblewoman is murdered and the map is stolen, Nicollet embarks on a dangerous quest to discover the truth behind the ancient legend. With only the memory of the mysterious treasure map to go on, Nicollet leads a mapping expedition into the untamed forests and wild rivers of Minnesota, where mysticism still lingers in the shadows.

Chris Norbury 

Castle Danger

March 17

STRAIGHT RIVER, the prequel to the award-winning thriller CASTLE DANGER, is a mystery-thriller set during the emotional and financial aftermath of the Great Recession.

After his estranged father dies in a farming accident, professional musician Matt Lanier returns to his hometown of Straight River, Minnesota. While he’s settling his father’s estate, an old family friend and neighbor asks Matt for help. Her husband's recent death was ruled a suicide. She insists it wasn’t. If she can’t disprove that ruling, she’ll lose her farm.

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