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Founded in 1984, the Midwest Independent Publishing Association exists today as a vibrant professional nonprofit association that serves the upper-Midwest independent publishing community through education, networking, and peer recognition. MIPA is proud to be a sponsor of the Midwest Book Awards and a regional affiliate of the Independent Book Publishers Association 


Rosemount Area Arts Council



The Rosemount Area Arts Council (RAAC) is committed to bringing a broad spectrum of Arts to the community.

Founded in 2007, RAAC is a 100% volunteer-run, financially independent organization. Unlike our counterparts in surrounding communities, we receive no monies from local government. 


Friends of the Robert Trail Library

The Friends of Robert Trail Library is a growing community of members whose mission is to share our excitement for literacy and life-long learning through embracing library services and resources.

Our Purpose
  • To focus public attention on library services and needs

  • To foster relations between the library and the community

  • To encourage volunteerism and opportunities for funding


Spring Book Design

Whether you’re new to publishing or a seasoned publisher, your book journey begins at Spring Book Design.


An author has a story; a book has a story; and the design of a book has a story.

Developing a truly readable book is the primary goal of good book design. The way it feels in the hand, and its size and weight, all contribute to how content is presented to the reader. Creating a readable book means paying close attention to the standards of good page design, including font selection, typographic controls, proportion, white space, consistency, flow, and decoration. Combining the effects of these elements helps capture the energy and spirit of the author so the book feels personal to your reader. Each page receives careful attention. It isn't as easy as it might sound! In fact, many of the best designs are intentionally so subtle that the reader may not even notice the design. But that's the point. We want readers to focus first and foremost on reading.