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Workshops are via Zoom link- you will be emailed the link prior to the workshop.

October 16 online workshop

Saturday, October 16 workshop     "Building The Story " with Betty Brandt Passick

Betty will take you through the steps she went through in researching, writing, editing, and publishing her first historical mystery novel that won a 2019 Notable 100 Indie Book Award. Interviews, newspapers, FBI and police reports, genealogy, towns, and places–are the aides she used in uncovering the facts behind this neglected, true story.

BETTY BRANDT PASSICK writes books renowned for their infusions of earthy soul, faith-isms, and Midwestern values. In early 2016, she decided to research the ‘mystery man’ who first came to her small Iowa hometown around 1920. Locals believed he had links to Al Capone, but no one knew for sure. Through FBI and police reports, newspaper accounts, and the embellished tales of those who knew the gangster best, she weaves a unique and sometimes wacky story, Gangster in our Midst.  Her third book received a 2019 Indie "Notable 100" Book Award winner, 2019 

        Saturday, October 16, 2021   10 a.m - 11 a.m.    $10  Sign up here

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